'Tis the Season for Outdoor Living

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‘Tis the Season for Outdoor Living

by Abeer Sweis
June 14, 2018
It is finally that glorious time of year again when there is a remnant of evening daylight at the end of the workday; just enough time to enjoy a meal or a glass of wine on the back patio or at an outdoor café with friends. In Southern California we are fortunate to have more of these days than not and taking advantage of all of them has become a way of life. Here, the design trend, or rather the design evolution, of outdoor living is not just for the temperate seasons. And now no longer is outdoor living relegated to just the temperate climates.

The ideal design blurs the line between indoor and outdoor space so that one flows seamlessly into another. There are no visual obstacles, no elevation changes, no corners to round, no thresholds to step over. The feeling of living in both the indoors and outdoors simultaneously elevates both of the environments. The feeling of boundlessness and the connection to nature that the outdoors brings, plus the feeling of comfort and security of the indoors, creates a complete feeling of wellbeing.

Designs with windows that frame a view have morphed into designs that use large glass doors that stack, fold or pivot to a wide open position allowing physical access to that view. Kitchens in the home that are adjacent to the backyard are no longer design restrictions when an outdoor kitchen is constructed. And responsibly installing less water intensive turf and more water permeable paving, more surfaces are now available for fully furnished outdoor rooms.

Features such as infinity pools and spas give the feeling of an endless backyard, connecting the user with their more vast environment. Fountains and water walls bring the user back into their more intimate environment with soothing water sounds and thought-absorbing reflections. Outdoor heaters, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits create warmth, light and shadows, and a place to gather friends for conversation.

Natural materials can be extremely durable and sustainable such as cork and bamboo. Granite is the hardest stone, and it resists staining!, perfect for countertops. Metals, such as cast iron, and leather furniture have an unrivaled timelessness.

SweisKloss designs flow between the indoors and outdoors in every project. Whether it is an expansive backyard, a deck, courtyard, patio or porch, no space is too small to create an outdoor living environment to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere at any time of the year.
Abeer Sweis