Design + Construct

We have found that when one team controls the entire process, the result is a more streamlined, transparent and collaborative experience. More efficient than individually contracting parties, the design + construct team can coordinate quickly in person, around one table in real time. Our construction managers are involved early in the design process and understand not just what is in the blueprints, but the design intention and how the space should feel—not just look—when complete. From the initial design phase through final construction, SweisKloss is in the trenches working closely with our clients to ensure that an original design vision is authentically realized.

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  • + Sustainability

    All of our projects incorporate thoughtful solutions in sustainability and resiliency. Our approach to renovations is to rehab the existing space as much as possible—keeping what makes sense to honor the original design and materials—while updating it for functional modernity. We create new spaces using reclaimed materials and products that are sourced locally, made of renewable resources and of resilient material. We install fixtures that exceed energy and water efficiency code requirements and employ technology to assist our clients in managing them.

  • + Technology

    To optimize efficiencies throughout the design and construction process, we utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology on all of our projects. This three-dimensional modeling technology allows for better collaboration, with the ability to simulate and visualize the design, as well as anticipate and resolve conflicts. It lets us spend less time drawing and more time exploring the details, enabling clients to visualize their space as the design process progresses. We also use an online collaboration technology that lets both client and project team view schedules, estimates, files and photos that are regularly uploaded during the construction process.