Design + Construct : the new design build

Design Construct.png

Design + Construct takes the traditional design-build project delivery method to the next level.

The client engages SweisKloss to lead the Design and Construction.

The designers  and construction staff work together as one team, instead of the traditional method of individually contracted parties, to design and construct the complete project.

This method is streamlined and highly successful in producing innovative,  highly detailed projects.

The team can coordinate quickly on the phone or via email to produce designs and revisions without delay.  

The Construct team shares suggestions during the design phase so we can produce the best and more cost-effective result.

We consult each other each other when issues arise and work together to find the best solution. The trust between the team encourages us to rely on each other and focus on producing the best project for our client.

The Design + Construct relationship allows us to create unique and intricate design because we can work closely with the subcontractors. Working together allows everyone to input their recommendations to achieve the best results.