Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

by Abeer Sweis
October 25, 2018
Over the past 5 months we have covered a variety of topics in SweisKloss News. In our newsletter lead article we have presented what we love to create, our fondness for open spaces and quiet places, and our pride in our community’s dedication to universally accessible playgrounds. We have discussed the future of sustainable building, the ADU and shared space trends, and the evolution of master suites and home offices. We have talked about the big picture, the details and even puzzles!

Our favorite articles have been about our staff members and their commitment to making the world a better place through community service, and a more beautiful place through design. These articles have been all about who we are and what we think.

Now we’d love to hear who you are and what you think! What part of the newsletter most captures your attention, which articles have stuck in your mind, which have you shared or come back to? Going forward, what aspects of design or sustainability or the way we work would you like to hear more about? Do you have a favorite non-profit, or several, that you’d like us to share with our readers? Have you attended any of the weekend events because you saw them first in our newsletter?

Producing a weekly newsletter is certainly a labor of love and we do it for you, our faithful readers. With that in mind, if you have even just a moment for a couple of lines about what’s resonated with you over the past several weeks, we’d love to read them. Send your thoughts to Abeer at And if you enjoy what you read, forward the email newsletter to a friend, we’d love to be able to deliver SweisKloss News to all who’d enjoy it.
Abeer Sweis