Mastering Your Domain: A List of the Must-Wants in a Space

Solar thermal water heating
Mastering Your Domain: A List of the Must-Wants in a Space

by Abeer Sweis
November 8, 2018
When designing a space, we include gadgets, devices, and fixtures that will make a space more convenient, comfortable, and safer for the occupants. We thought it would be fun to share some of the must-want items on our list with you:

  1. Outlets with USB ports
  2. Smart tankless water heaters and programmable recirculation pumps
  3. Spa water temperature remote controllers like Jandy
  4. Occupancy sensors in closets
  5. Solar power and solar thermal water heating
  6. Outlets concealed in countertops
  7. Drying racks integrated into cabinetry
  8. Recessed ironing board
  1. Smart thermostats such as Nest and ecobee
  2. Radiant floors
  3. Towel warmers
  4. Washlet toilet seats, like Toto
  5. Cork under wood floors, and insulation in interior walls and floors, to dampen sound
  6. Automated programmable window coverings
  1. Water flow meters that seamlessly detect leaks, such as Flo
  2. Geofencing locks that know when you have left home and will lock the doors if you’ve forgotten
  3. Smart smoke detectors, like First Alert, that double as a stereo speaker
  4. Smart lighting systems such as Lutron
  5. Tesla back up batteries for power storage and emergency power
  6. Biofuel fireplaces, like Ecosmart, burn clean also eliminating the need for a chimney
  7. Curbless showers – just walk on in
If you are curious about any of these items and would like to know more, please reach to us!
Abeer Sweis