Let's Get Prepared

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Let's Get Prepared

by Abeer Sweis
December 6, 2018
As we reflect on the devastation caused by the fires this past month, a lot of us find ourselves wanting to help, really help.

Something we can all do to help ourselves, and others, is to prepare for future emergencies. We all know we need to have a “go kit” in case we need to evacuate. If you don’t yet have one, it is never too late to build your own www.ready.gov/build-a-kit, or buy one from a local company www.preppi.co/. When we prepare ourselves and our family with a plan and the tools to better help ourselves during an emergency, we may require fewer community resources when/if the time comes to act. Our preparation leaves more community resources available for search and rescue, and saving lives.

To help others during an emergency, consider signing up as a volunteer for your favorite response organization now. Get the training and experience needed so that when a disaster strikes you will be prepared to help. Reach to your favorite animal rescue organization and learn how to foster animals in distress, sign up for canteen training for the Salvation Army to serve coffee and meals to evacuees and fire fighters in the field, or join a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in your community to become a neighborhood resource during an emergency. Many other opportunities are at this LA volunteer matching website www.laworks.com/

Supporting these organizations year-round for the work they do year-round is also a good habit to form. Use tools such as www.charitynavigator.org to vet organizations so that you feel confident the money you donate is doing the most good. And consider giving “go kits” as holiday gifts this year. I am going to!

Natural disasters are a reality, let’s make being prepared for one a reality too.
Abeer Sweis