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Things to consider before committing to Canstruction:

  1. The theme for the Inaugural Canstruction Santa Monica is “It’s all fun and games at the beach.” Please feel free to play off of the fun and games at the sandy beach and here at “Silicon Beach”

  2. Please have a design idea and team name prepared for the mandatory Oct. 4 Exhibit Space Walkthrough – details and agenda are forthcoming. To help you get creative, see the examples of past Canstruction winners here:

  3. We have added a competition category that will not be eligible for entry into the International competition. The “Pet Project” category can include pet food. Both Meals on Wheels West and the Westside Food Bank accept pet food. If you are interested in designing and building a structure that includes pet food, please let us know

  4. Each sculpture typically averages around 3,500 cans. Generally, they range anywhere from 2,500-9,000 depending on the complexity and size of the sculpture

  5. Food costs average around $3,000 per display, but can go as high as $8,000. Please feel free to raise funds from sponsors to help support your Canstruction structure – we can thank your sponsors on our Canstruction webpage as well as on signage at your structure

  6. Build Night is a Friday night and it is all night

  7. Teams are responsible for the Decanstruction as well. Decanstruction will take place on Sunday, Nov. 17. All food will be stored in the parking garage for pick-up on Monday, Nov. 18. All waste support materials will be recycled and hauled by Water Garden facilities management. The deconstruction of the Canstruction structures must be done by the teams