• Hollywood Craftsman

    This original craftsman home was built in 1910. read more

    This home presented several challenges including the lack of storage and light.

    We met these challenges by creating spaces that seem to belong to this craftsman home, and incorporating several creative solutions to the storage and light dilemmas.

    We also reused and refinished the wood floors and doors from the original home, effectively tying the renovated area into the un-renovated portions of the home.

    “We hired [them] to re-model our kitchen. I could not recommend them more. We liked them so much we have hired them for other projects at our home. They are professional and take pride in every detail. More important they are a pleasure to have around- which matters when it comes to big projects. One of the things I have dealt with a lot in Los Angeles is hiring people who seem great at first- but then they fizzle out, don't finish the job, or at least never finish the job right. The best thing I can say about Jeff, Abeer, and Georgeanna is that they saw this job through to the end- with the same level of pride and excitement they displayed on the day they gave us the estimate. They communicated well, finished on schedule, came in on budget, and left no loose ends for us to deal with on our own. If you are looking for a talented and trustworthy company to handle a job (big or small) you should consider [them]. They will not let you down.” - Sandra

    Photo Credit: Pablo Nimer Mondal