• West Hollywood Hills Contemporary

    The 2200 square foot 2 bedroom 3 bath home had been built in 1960. read more

    In late 2014, Robert reached to us to renovate the home to transform it into a contemporary West Coast home that is both a sanctuary and a place for entertaining friends.

    Our biggest challenges were making the small home feel expansive, and working with the severe hillside slope.
    The site is also located in a severe high fire zone.

    There were four specific elements driving the design: indoor/outdoor living, utilizing natural light, having an open floor plan with continuity of space and views, and the use of modern materials that fit seamlessly into the 1960’s style.

    The entire home and grounds were renovated with an emphasis on creating multiple unique outdoor spaces that flow out from various rooms in the house, as well as preserving and framing the view.

    We addressed the fire concerns by building with modern non-combustible, fire-resistant materials such as stucco, steel, aluminum, tempered glass, and ipe, a naturally fire-resistant hardwood. The home was built without roof overhangs or vents that could bring fire and smoke into the home.

    “I purchased a home in Los Angeles without knowing who or how to renovate my rather complicated project. I interviewed several design build firms and I found [them] to be the most competent and assured in their presentation versus the competition. They have continued to impress me with their ability to listen to my desires, while also preventing me from making some silly choices for myself in the design. I feel that I could not have made a better choice.” - Robert

    Photo Credit: Chang Kyun Kim

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