5 Great Light Fixtures

Levo Light Fixture
5 Great Light Fixtures

by SweisKloss
June 6, 2019
Limiting a selection of really great light fixtures to five is really difficult! Just like a lot of design elements, what fixture we like depends upon the style of the space, the location of the fixture, the effect we wish to create, etc. But there are some fixtures that transcend “it depends.” One is this funky bedside wall fixture that is simple yet highly functional. Designed by Nick Sheridan for Cerno, the Levo fixture has an arm that can swing out to cast light on some bedtime reading. https://cernogroup.com/products/levo/
Levo Light Fixture
The Heracleum II, by Bertjan Pot for Moooi, is whimsical, yet elegant; lightweight, yet holds its own in a large space. https://shop-us.moooi.com/products/heracleum-ii-copper
Heracleum II by Bertjan Pot for Moooi
Utilitarian flush mounted fixtures are abundant, but those that deserve to be called great are not so easy to find. The combination of clean lines and clean materials make the DUO by Ramos & Bassols simply sublime. https://www.vibia.com/us/usa/ceiling-fixtures-duo-ceiling
DUO by Ramos and Bassols
An ”oldie” because it has been around a long time, is still a favorite for its versatility and beauty. The mass of beautiful Italian blown glass has a liquidity look that is simultaneously substantial and delicate. It is a Bocci fixture simply titled “14.” https://www.bocci.ca/14-series/
Bocci fixture simply titled “14.”
This indoor/outdoor sconce, designed by Robert Sonneman, has a few different configurations but the effect is the same of all, a lamp obscured by a flat un-embellished panel with light emanating through a softly backlit thin metal frame. Just lovely. https://casadiluce.ca/light-frames-indoor-outdoor-led-wall-sconce-by-sonneman-lighting
indoor/outdoor sconce, designed by Robert Sonneman
And because I can’t stop at five, the last fixture I am sharing is the Scotch Bathroom Ceiling Light by Oscar & Sergi Devesa for Vibia. This small round block of what looks like a slippery clear ice cube for a gin cocktail is a perfect light fixture for a bathroom. https://www.vibia.com/us/int/bath-fixtures-scotch-ceiling
Scotch Bathroom Ceiling Light by Oscar & Sergi Devesa for Vibia
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