Our next project will be built of… cans?!

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Our next project will be built of… cans?!

by SweisKloss
Sep 19, 2019
We are really excited to announce that we are presenting the inaugural Canstruction Santa Monica competition!

Canstruction is an international design competition, held locally, between architects, engineers and design teams, who build inventive sculptures out of non-perishable food items. It is a festive affair that challenges these teams to “out creative” each other, involves the community in judging and participation, and benefits the local food banks.

We have partnered with both Meals on Wheels West and the Westside Food Bank – they will receive 100% of the non-perishable food used in the construction of Canstruction. Canstruction Santa Monica will generate thousands of pounds of food for our community and just in time for the holidays!

There is still room for more competitors, and it is not too late to sign up for this great team building project! Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends and family who are in the design field; the competition is open to all!

We asked one of the Canstruction team members why she is enthusiastically participating in Canstruction. She said Canstruction is allowing her to be inventive and creative at a completely different scale than normal. She is being challenged in a different way by designing using stacks of small round cans instead of 2x4’s, and printed food labels instead of color charts and swatches! And it is all for a good cause. “Our company prides itself on being socially responsible; Canstruction is a great way to show that off!”

The competition will be held November 2; the structures will remain on display to the public for the first two weeks of November. The location is the lobbies of the Water Garden, which has generously agreed to host this year’s competition. A big thank you to Ralph’s, the headline sponsor, for donating gift cards to help each team purchase canned goods, and to the Kiwanis Club of Santa Monica.

Mark your calendars to come by the Water Garden November 3 through 16 to check out the Canstruction structures!

For more information, and to register a team, click here.
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