Looking Forward.

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Looking forward

by Abeer Sweis
January 3, 2019
This past week I did something I haven’t done in a long long time; I made a snowman. It felt good to shape something with my hands, forage for material, and teach the young people with me how to create with a renewable resource.

Here at SweisKloss, for 2019 we look forward to continuing to create inspired designs that are enjoyable, functional and sustainable.

Our design + construct process all starts with design, and this year we have some really exciting projects we are working on, from hillside view homes to ocean view condos, to flat land abodes. We are beginning the year with several of our designed projects headed into construction. A two story ADU at our favorite mid-century home. A second-floor addition in Sunset Park. A two-story home in Century City. A whole house renovation in Santa Monica. And a façade modernization of a 54-unit condo building on Beverly Glen.

We will finish the year with the completion of an expansive contemporary home in the Sherman Oak Hills. We will be sharing photos with you of our projects in progress throughout the year on social media and on our website at the “in the making” tab.

On a global scale, we are looking forward to the major changes in the energy and transportation sectors and how those changes will influence the design of homes, buildings and cities moving forward. For instance, although it may not seem possible that we will ever be able to give up our cars, or the search for a parking space, as driverless and flying cars join the rideshare movement, the need for parking lots and garages will diminish.

We look forward to what we will create in place of parking garages and parking lots, and to designing homes and buildings that can easily adapt to the reduction in future parking requirements. As architects we will need to rethink the front entry as more of us use the garage entry less, and design the best adaptive reuse for what was once a garage.

Throughout this revolutionary time, SweisKloss will continue to grow in the field of designing and constructing. We will continue to do what we love best. And it is this that we look the most forward to.
Abeer Sweis