5 Great Outdoor Features

5 Great Outdoor Features

by SweisKloss
July 10, 2019
Ah summertime and spending it in the great outdoors. Your own outdoors! At SweisKloss we love to design + construct these 5 outdoor elements into our client’s projects.

1. A pergola with a retractable sun shade. The pergola extends the living space from the indoors to the outdoors; the sun shade allows the pergola to be a functional and enjoyable space in the Southern California climate.

2. I can’t picture an outdoor firepit or fireplace without also envisioning a glass of red wine. Firepits and fireplaces add atmosphere, they add coziness and togetherness, and they take the chill off of a cool desert summer evening.

3. Landscape lighting is like candlelight for your yard, it adds a lovely glow and the created shadows give depth and add drama. Landscape lighting also highlights elevation changes such as steps. We always tie landscape lighting to a timer or home automation system for ease of use.

4. Water features – cascading water walls, bubbling fountains, natural boulder fountains, all serve to connect a yard with the tranquil sound of water in nature. Spas and pools are versatile additions. They are ideal for both relaxing and for playing; for spending time alone or with friends.

5. Having the ability to prepare and to cook food without leaving the party is the primary objective of an outdoor kitchen. A built-in grill, counterspace, a sink and a beverage cooler are all necessary ingredients!

Integrating any or all of these elements into your next home remodel are great ways to enhance the enjoyment of your space. In the meantime, hope your summer is off to a great start!
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