Toes in the Sand

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Toes in the Sand

by SweisKloss
June 20, 2019
The kids are out of school, the air is warm, the sun is up longer and the sandals have come out of storage… it’s Summertime!! Summer feels like the season of energy, of excitement, of freedom; somehow it feels just a little more liberating than the other 3 seasons. Maybe it is because we spend more time outdoors during the summer, and the outdoors feels expansive, the outdoors gives us more room to breathe and to move our bodies.

Taking advantage of our temperate climate, our designs are all about creating an indoor-outdoor flow. We design the entire site to support the flow. It’s about using glass and light, giving great views, using natural materials as much as possible and creating different areas outside in which to relax, eat or just enjoy.

Which is why this quirky desk sandbox caught our eye. Here in Santa Monica we can see the beach from our office, but like many of our neighbors, we lament that we don’t actually go to the beach as often as we’d like, or should. This guy brought the outdoors in by bringing some of the beach into his office. Just Google “beach office” and you will see a variety of creative ways to experience the beach while working. My favorite is the Governor of Rhode Island holding her office hours at the beach. What better way to meet with people and finally get to the beach!

However you enjoy the outdoors this season, we hope you have a wonderful, fun and safe summer!
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