Wood with Benefits, Skylights with a Brain, and Bendable Light

Wood with Benefits, Skylights with a Brain, and Bendable Light

by SweisKloss
Oct 10, 2019
For SweisKloss, designing sustainably means being attentive to the well-being of the whole building, grounds and occupants. All three benefit from the use of quality materials, abundant light and fresh air, and ease of maintenance that simplifies the lives of the end user.

Quality materials are those that are sourced or manufactured locally and responsibly, and that are durable and long lasting. Materials that last, both because they are timeless in taste, and resilient to deterioration, are less susceptible to being discarded prematurely.

At SweisKloss we are constantly searching for design elements that meet our aesthetic and sustainability criteria. And we love finding more and more ways of using some of these versatile elements. Three that come to mind are woods with multiple benefits, automated skylights and LED tape.

The warmth and the softness of wood is a feeling unmatched by other materials. And today’s wood is more resistant to scuffs and mold giving it a longevity that rivals synthetic material. Two of these woods have multiple benefits. Black locust is a beautiful wood that is quickly renewable and a good alternative to the less renewable IPE. But both of these woods are resilient to the elements, including fire, and they are both low maintenance. These woods can be used indoors, outdoors, for flooring and siding and fencing and trellis’, the list goes on.

Every SweisKloss remodel design + construct project includes skylights that allow for both daylighting and natural ventilation. The latest generation of skylights can think for themselves: they open when fresh air is demanded, close when they feel rain, they have shades that open and close with the sun, and can do it all on built-in solar power!

LED tape consists of little LED nodes embedded in flexible material and when tucked inside or behind something gives an uninterrupted glow of light. We put LED tape at the bottom of railings, under cabinets and in drawers, in alcoves, within vanity cabinets, under shelves in a bookcase, anywhere it will tuck in!

And what great timing to be ruminating over sustainable design, just today the mayor of our home, Los Angeles, has been elected the chairperson of the international C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. The cities involved in this sustainability-focused organization represent a quarter of the world’s economy; this is a huge force in the right direction, and our leader is leading it! Here’s hoping more and more follow.
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