Architect as Master

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Architect as Master

by Abeer Sweis
February 28, 2019
Working with a design + construct firm has many advantages, as well as historical precedence. Combining design with construction heralds back to an ancient notion that the architect is the master builder who accepts full responsibility for designing and constructing a project. The architect takes his or her creation from conception to completion.

A design + construct firm handles all aspects of the project, from designing the project, to engaging consultants, handling approvals and permitting, to building. SweisKloss is the design + construct firm.

  1. Getting started: For the client looking to start a project, hiring one entity that is responsible for the entire execution of the project is a less daunting first step then being faced with vetting and hiring professionals, consultants, and subcontractors for every step of the project.
  2. Partnership: The design + construct firm and the client are perfectly aligned in both the vision and the execution of their project. The best projects come out of the collaboration of the client and the design + construct team.
  3. Unified goals: The design + construct team have one goal and that is to fulfill the full potential of the project thereby making the client happy! Nothing else. The design and construction teams then work closely to achieve that goal. The construction team understands the client needs and the design intent because they have been part of the process from the beginning.
  4. Fluid movement through the project: The design moves fluidly into construction. And because the design and construction teams are working together as one larger team, construction can often begin prior to having complete construction document. Decisions on some design elements, don’t have to hold up construction.
  5. Time and budget management: Together, the design + construct team works together to balance design desires with budget requirements. If a construction element exceeds the budget, the designers have the ability to quickly brainstorm value engineering ideas while maintaining design intent. And working as one design + construct team facilitates communication on timing strategies to accelerate project schedules.
  6. Flexibility: On the way to completing a successful project, challenges do arise. In a design + construct team environment, there is no finger pointing. Instead, the team works through the challenges together. Throughout construction, the design team can adjust the design to achieve the best results.
  7. Responsiveness: Questions from the field are answered quickly when the designers and the builders are on the same team. There is no construction downtime due to waiting for communication from the architect.

A firm that is not a design + construct firm may not have the advantages of the above. And as a design + construct firm of designers who think like builders and builders who think like designers, we would not dream of giving our clients anything but all of the advantages.
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