Beyond Four Walls and a Ceiling

Beyond Four Walls and a Ceiling

by Abeer Sweis
March 07, 2019
It is hard to imagine enjoying spending time outside right now with all this rain, but it won’t be long before we will want to spend all of our days and evenings outdoors. The outdoors is where many of us go for a change of scenery, to stretch our legs, to breathe deeply. Many of us also like to grill, enjoy an outdoor fire, relax with a glass of wine or a good book after work. To be able to have these tranquil experiences in our own yard is nothing short of heavenly. And it is not about the view, it is about being able to see, to see beyond four walls and a ceiling.

Because Nature Feels Good
For this very reason, our design + construct projects for our clients integrate the indoors with the outdoors. Our designs provide flow from the inside into the landscaping and hardscaping; from the living room indoors to the life enjoyed outdoors. Why? Because it feels good.

Why do we feel so strongly about being in nature? Is it because the outdoors feels unconstrained, or that the senses seem to have more to explore when not confined inside? Are they feelings that flood back from childhood and the freedom that came with being a kid outdoors climbing trees, running on a soccer field, or lying in the grass watching the clouds? Or is it that being outside just simply feels good?

Clients Enjoying New Outdoor Space this Summer
Two of the projects we are working on right now that exemplify the importance of the landscape and hardscape to our wellbeing are in full swing right now. These clients started their home renovation strategically so that we’d be finished in time for them to enjoy their summer in their outdoor space.

Living Roofs Contribute to our Wellbeing
One of these projects integrates the landscape and hardscape into the home, quite literally. This home addition and remodel includes a green roof. The roof of the first floor will have a deck on one side and a living roof on the other. Both are accessible from the second floor of the home. The living roof will have a variety of plants that will provide visual enjoyment, habitat for wildlife, increase the longevity of the roofing material, reduce the noise coming into the home and provide energy savings. All of these advantages increase the client’s overall wellbeing.

A Lot of Spaces from a Little Space
The other project demonstrates how landscaping and hardscaping can carve out areas for different uses within any sized space, large or small. On one property that may appear to be small, we have created multiple spaces: one area for sitting with friends and family on outdoor couches around a fire pit, another space for alfresco dining, a quiet space with a bamboo zen garden and a soaking pool with fountain. We have done this using different elevations and angles so that whichever direction you are facing, a different experience is in front of you. Including from inside of the home. The pool and the water feature are built so they are just as much a part of the living room as they are of the backyard.

These projects will look great but more importantly, they will feel really good.
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