Depends on How you Define Necessary

Depends on How you Define Necessary

by Abeer Sweis
March 14, 2019
In a bathroom design, unarguably a toilet, sink, bathing ability, mirror and privacy are what we think of when we consider what is necessary in the design. There are other design element options that are perhaps not “necessary” but, arguably, really nice to have.

Bathrooms are like any other room: they need to be safe, ventilated, well lit, have a work surface and storage space. It is especially important because the combination of water, hard surfaces and enclosed space can be treacherous if not designed with safety in mind. Non-slippery floors, tempered glass, materials that are waterproof, like tile, and ventilation to dry moisture are essential elements in a safe bathroom.

For this very reason, our design + construct projects for our clients integrate the indoors with the outdoors. Our designs provide flow from the inside into the landscaping and hardscaping; from the living room indoors to the life enjoyed outdoors. Why? Because it feels good.

Now that we have cleared the necessary and the important, these are the “really nice to have”:
  1. Vanity side lights on opposite sides of the mirror. Sides lights allow you to see your face without the shadows that overhead lights create
  2. Built in medicine cabinets that are seamless with the wall
  3. A built in bench in the shower to sit on while bathing
  4. Heated floors for interiors even in Los Angeles!
  5. Towel warmers
  6. Ceiling fan with heater
  7. Fireplace, in the bathroom?! Absolutely!
  8. Washlet toilet seat – the modern bidet!
  9. Steam shower
  10. Curbless showers; shower floors that are flush with the bathroom floor
  11. Full height frameless starfire glass shower doors. Starfire glass lacks the green tint of regular glass
  12. A doorless walk-in shower; a partial glass wall shower enclosure with no door at all!
  13. Deep and jetted tub
  14. Windows and skylights to bring in natural light and provide a view of nature
  15. TV integrated into the vanity mirror to watch the morning news while getting ready for work
  16. Speakers to hear music or a favorite podcast

Although not necessities in the purest definition, the SweisKloss design + construct team incorporates many of these “nice to haves” in many of our design projects. I guess that tells you how we define necessary!
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