Creating Clarity Through Closet Renovation

Closets, Closets, Closets!

by SweisKloss
May 23, 2019
Whether custom made or prefabricated, walk-in or along a wall, it can’t be denied that closets are a necessity. Closets are for storing items we use every day, items we won’t pull out until the next season, and items we just as soon forget we have. A home renovation is a great time to reevaluate your closet needs. We thought we’d help by listing a few of our suggestions for a closet re-design.

One thing to keep in mind is that walk-in closets are not always preferable over wall closets when it comes to amount of storage space. If you have a long wall, you may get more efficient storage space along the wall than you could if you were to build a small room to walk into.

In any closet, consider:
  • Valets – sounds so much more sophisticated than it is, but it is nonetheless an essential item. A valet tucks in when not wanted and telescopes when needed for quickly hanging items for packing or just brought in from the drycleaner
  • Belt hooks – can also be used for jewelry or scarves
  • Shoe shelves – an LED strip light at each shelf makes sure you don’t accidentally wear blue shoes when you intended to grab black
  • A chair to sit on when putting on those shoes
  • Built in hampers – tucked out of the way and removable hampers allow you to carry your items directly to the washing machine
  • Drawers of differing heights
  • Safes – installed either in the wall or in the floor
  • Clothing rods that are full height hanging and double hanging
  • Shelves – adjustable are best to accommodate different sized items
  • Full height mirror
  • Good lighting, including windows and skylights
  • A fan if you live on the coast or where it is humid
  • A pull down ironing board for a quick crease
  • There are many closet door options, our favorite is the pocket door

When imagining your new closet, remember that it is not the size of the closet that matters, what matters is that the closet is arranged so that everything that is important to you is accessible. And the things that you’d rather not have to address are nonetheless neatly stored as well.
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