5 Great Coffee Tables

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5 Great Coffee Tables

by SweisKloss
May 16, 2019
The coffee table. A piece of furniture that is both useful and decorative, and whether for coffee or cocktails, when missing makes the space feel almost awkward. Picture your own living room without a coffee table, feels weird right? In honor of this ubiquitous furniture accessory, we thought we’d share five that have caught our eye. As a functional sculpture, this steel with bronze patina trapezoid-diamond-pyramid shaped “Formation Cocktail Table” is designed by Steven Haulenbeek. http://www.stevenhaulenbeek.com/formation-cocktail-table
Formation Cocktail Table.jpg
A classic round design, and also available in classic rectangular, is the John Pomp “Stites Circular Cocktail Table.” Classic, in any shape, will never go out of style. https://johnpomp.com/collections/stites-circular-cocktail-table
Stites Circular Cocktail Table.jpg
For its elegance and great lines, the “Krusin Coffee Table” by Marc Krusin for Knoll, is breathtaking in its simplicity. https://www.dwr.com/living-accent-coffee-tables/krusin-coffee-table/625.html?lang=en_US
Krusin Coffee Table
The “Elements” garden side table designed in aluminum by Gerd Couckhuyt, is perfect for that indoor-outdoor space we love so much. https://www.archiproducts.com/en/products/manutti/rectangular-aluminium-garden-side-table-elements-garden-side-table_85876
Aluminum Garden Side Table
Unique and naturally beautiful, the “Ocean Abyss Coffee Table” from Duffy London, is like looking down into a topographic map of the ocean through glass. Simply wow. https://duffylondon.com/product/tables/abyss-table/
Abyss Table
Bonus track… As supportive as we are of upcycled products, this awful mess misses the mark – and might cause bleeding if you get too close. This “Wingin’ It Low Table” is not one of the greats.
Wingin' It Low Table
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