Never Just a Wall

DCG Wall
Never Just a Wall

by SweisKloss
May 9, 2019
Our design + construct team knows a wall is never just a wall. Whether residential or commercial, we create design elements that provide shade, afford privacy and dial down the volume outside. They’re art pieces that stoke the imagination. I love building walls.

Take our work for DCG. In 2013, the IT services company challenged us to transform a 2,000-square-foot, empty store into a functional office space.

First, we designed a sloping, curved wall to screen the reception area from the bustling work space just beyond, separating spaces without separating spaces. The party wall not only dampens noise and ensures continuity, but serves as a beautiful backdrop (and even pays homage to the record store that resided there).

Because acoustics are important in any large collaborative area, next, we used reclaimed wood on the main wall to dampen sound, as well as add warmth and texture throughout the new workspace.

Finally, outside, we replaced the obstructive block wall with a wooden louvre system that maintains privacy but allows natural light to brighten the building façade.

We design walls in harmony with the way we live, work and play. To judge one on its face is to miss its importance entirely. I want you to see our walls for all they bring to a project.

There are dozens, even hundreds of wall types, each a three-dimensional entity with layers of skin, an interior wood or metal stud skeleton, the electrical veins and plumbing arteries carrying life throughout the structure. Walls are not just a means of support, they are fundamental to architectural creation.
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