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Pets of SweisKloss

by Abeer Sweis
January 31, 2019
Many of us here at SweisKloss have furkids at home; we thought we’d introduce you to them this week.

Loki, (aka Loki-bear, Lokotomus, Lokimotive, Nugget, Noogie, Snug Nug), is a small terrier mix who loves to hang out with his best friend, George-Michael. He also loves to snuggle (especially in warm recently dried laundry), run in circles outside, make friends with other dogs, and wreck stuff. Loki’s favorite fictional character would obviously be Loki, the Norse God of Mischief, after whom he is named. Unfortunately he sometimes takes that title seriously. Loki was adopted from Noah’s Bark dog rescue in Torrance; we love him like he is our own child. He has started to accrue a little following on Instagram @loki_the_terrini. - Amanda C.

Sydney, (aka Syd, Squid), named after the famed coastal city in Australia, is a mixed breed pup spanning 16” and weighing in at a deceivingly light 13 lbs. She is characterized by her vivaciousness and unrelenting energy which is often demonstrated when she has the opportunity to make new friends. A people dog (read: opposite of a dog person) by all accounts, Sydney never misses a minute to cuddle up on the couch or bed with us. When not being a homebody, Sydney can be found at a dog park playing fetch, prancing on her hind legs, and sniffing new scents. - Amanda B.

Bartolomeu, (aka Barto), our cat, crossed the rainbow bridge a few months ago. The house is empty without him. We miss him waiting at the door when we arrive home at the end of the day, or coming to our bed when he heard the alarm clock in the morning. Always hungry, he could be tricked to come out of his hiding places with a little bit of Tuna. Barto was a sweet cat that loved to play with balls and ribbons. When we have healed from Barto’s loss we will adopt another adult cat that likes to be hugged a lot. - Patricia F.

Collage of SweisKloss Pets
Rickman, (aka Ricky, Ricky-Bobby, Pretty Ricky), a 3-year old Siberian Husky, was named in honor of our favorite actor Alan Rickman who had just passed away when we picked up this beautiful puppy at the shelter. Besides his stunning blues eyes and the cloud of white fur he trails, Ricky can be identified from across the park by his dressage-style prance, which is even more pronounced when walking beside his best girl Chloe. Ricky loves sleeping in, crying along to the soothing sounds of his squeaky pig, spending evenings at the dog park, and enjoying a night cap of goat’s milk. He thinks it is funny to send us off to work with his fur on our clothing and in our teeth; we regularly indulge him. - Jessica H.

Fraternal twins Bartholomew and Bertrand, (aka Bart and Bert, Pinky, Pinky Tuscadero, Pup - although who are we kidding, they don’t answer to any of them), are five-year-old boys who love to wrestle and snuggle with each other in equal measure. Bart’s favorite pastime is giving neck massages while drooling. Bert has raunchier hobbies that are not appropriate for discussion in this family-friendly newsletter. They both enjoy quiet time watching the outside world through the holes they have created in each set of window blinds. And both like to sleep under the covers with us when it is chilly outside; we call them our little Easy Bake Ovens. And although every life should have 9 cats, we are holding steady at 2. - Jessica H.

Stella, beautiful Stella. This mature 12 year old Blue Weimaraner, still enjoys acting like an energetic and playful puppy. Although often referred to as a “very good girl,” one of Stella’s hobbies is being where she is not supposed to be. She simply loves sneaking up onto the bed or couch when no one is home. Stella also loves her morning walks with her dad, hanging out wherever her people are, being the center of attention, treats, and Tinker bell from Peter Pan. Her dislikes include squirrels and cats invading her territory and sitting at home alone. Stella’s eyes always makes you feel like she is really interested in you, as if she thinks you are really important. Except when you are on the phone, then she politely walks away and gives you your privacy. Beautiful Stella is such a good girl. - Abeer + Jeff
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